About Asbp

The Assocation of School Book Publishers aims to bridge the gap between the publishing industry and students/parents.


The ASBP will strive to empower smaller publishers and work to improve coordination within the industry.


The ASBP will work to standardize and improve the working conditions and norms for people employed in the sector.

Quality Assurance

The ASBP will interface with publishing-related industries like printing and packaging on behalf of members and ensure quality services.

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We invite the publishing fraternity to come forward and together join hands to support the school book publishing industry and to help build a bright future for india.

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Press Release

Association of Schoolbook Publishers to Protest this Industry

The Association of school book publishers would like to clear the air by presenting the facys about the essential role and contribution of publishers to the indian education system. For decades leaners and education have benefited tremendously from the books brought out private publishers.this meant wide choice in content for schools and books that suit various level of learners