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1. School book publishing in India is a major industry in terms of both market coverage and social impact. However, it has remained less visible to the public and policymakers. The ASBP will strive to change this situation.

2. Although there are more than 5,000 school book publishers in India, they had no forum to share their ideas. The ASBP will provide a platform for school publishers to network within the industry and also serve as the common voice of publishers.

3. The ASBP will represent the school publishers to governments and other industries.

4. The ASBP will strive to empower smaller publishers and work to improve coordination within the industry.

5. The ASBP will interface with publishing-related industries like printing and packaging on behalf of members and ensure quality services.

6. The ASBP will work to modernize the operations of the industry by awareness programmes and knowledge sharing.

7. The ASBP will work to standardize and improve the working conditions and norms for people employed in the sector.